Tales Of A Eunuch (DVD9Full) (VOSE) - 1983
Objetivo: Tales Of A Eunuch (DVD9Full) (VOSE) - 1983


Director: Hua Shan.

Actores: Wong Yu, Gordon Liu Chia Hui, Choh Seung Wan, Kwan Feng, Chun Wong, Ku Feng, Liu Lai Ling, Siu Yam Yam, Wong Wan Si, Yau Chui Ling, Lung Tien Hsiang.

Tale Of A Eunuch reunites the potent mix of martial arts superstar Gordon Liu Chia-hui, who plays Emperor in cognito Kang Hsi, with the kung-fu comedienne Wang Yu, an anti-Ching revolutionary. It's a film laced with wild barrages of excellent martial arts chiefly choreographed by Yuen Hua and Yuan Pien, long time, Jackie chan kung-fu classmates. At one time, Wang was considered to be the next Alexander Fu Sheng.

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Objetivo: Re: Tales Of A Eunuch (DVD9Full) (VOSE) - 1983
Gracias Profe, otra filmo que estará a punto de caer..., digo yo

Objetivo: Re: Tales Of A Eunuch (DVD9Full) (VOSE) - 1983
Genial, otra que no he visto, muchas gracias


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