Pais: Hong Kong .
Director: Wilson Tong
Reparto: Ng Kwan Lung, Fung Hak On, Wilson Tong, Chan Wai Man, Angela Mao, Philip Ko Fei, Cheng Hong, Peter Chan, Bolo Yeung, Yeung Wah
Productora: Million Film Co.
Duracion: 91 mins

Happy go lucky, but morally upstanding son of a wealthy business man, Kwok Chung, is always getting into fights, much to his father’s disapproval and when he comes to the aid of a prostitute, he is nearly killed. A mysterious Snake fist fighter Yue Yi, saves his skin, but this s doesn’t stop Kwok getting into trouble again with the local casino boss. The stranger gives Kwok lessons in the snake fist and he soon masters the art, but he also learns that his father is actually the owner of the brothel and the casino which he had earlier raided. Disgusted by the revelation, Kwok sets up a meeting, only to discover that he has been used by his master to lure his father out into the open. The two old timers were in fact both disciples of the snake fist sect, but Kwok’s father turned to evil and raped and killed Yue Yi’s wife. Now, after years of waiting, Yue Yi will have his revenge, but what of Kwok Chung?




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